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Achieving Equitable Progress: A Call for Collaborative Action in a World of Growing Disparities

Dates: October 02-05, 2024

Location: County Hall, London, United Kingdom

Format: Face-to-Face

Welcome to the 19th Annual Scientific ASCAT Conference!

For the fifth consecutive year, ASCAT proudly collaborates with the European Hematology Association (EHA) and the British Society of Haematology (BSH) for a groundbreaking event supported by Eurobloodnet (EBN) and various patient groups.

Join us at the historic County Hall London, overlooking the Houses of Parliament and 'Big Ben,' providing an inspiring backdrop for academic presentations and networking.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, researcher, or a patient or carer, ASCAT CONFERENCE 2024 is your essential gathering. Connect, gain insights, and contribute to advancements in Sickle Cell Disease & Thalassaemia. 

This event is both CPD & CME approved. All delegates will become certified at the end of the conference.

Our Focus

In alignment with the overarching goal of our conference, which focuses on "Improving the lives of those living with Sickle Cell Disease & Thalassaemia," our discussions highlight the pressing need for collective action to address these conditions. Despite the development of new therapies, including gene therapies, it's crucial to recognize that systemic inequities persist in accessing these advancements, particularly for marginalized communities. As we convene to explore innovative approaches and insights, let us prioritize fostering collaboration among patient groups, medical professionals, researchers, policymakers, and affected communities to address these challenges. Through this congress, our aim is to raise awareness, improve care accessibility, and drive transformative research initiatives, ultimately striving to ensure equitable support and an enhanced quality of life for all individuals impacted by these haemoglobinopathies.

Our Objectives

  • Equitable Action: Unite in addressing challenges faced by individuals with Sickle Cell Disease & Thalassaemia through collective commitment.
  • Innovation Focus: Explore and share innovative approaches to revolutionize the treatment and care of individuals with haemoglobinopathies.
  • Transformative Research: Inspire and support research initiatives for groundbreaking developments in understanding and treating haemoglobinopathies.

Your Scientific Program Committee

Meet the esteemed members of the Scientific Program Committee who, under the leadership of Professor Biree Andemariam, are shaping the intellectual landscape of ASCAT 2024:

Professor Biree Andemariam, US (Chair)
Dr. Wale Atoyebi, UK
Professor Miguel Abboud, Lebanon
Dr. Rachel Kesse-Adu, UK
Dr. Rafaella Colombatti, Italy
Professor Maria Capellini, Italy
Dr. Subarna Chakravorty, UK
Professor Ali Taher, Lebanon
Professor Mariane De Montalembert, France
Dr. Jerlym Porter, US
Professor Eugene Oteng-Ntim, UK
Dr. Crawford Strunk, US
Dr. Janet Kwiatkowski, US
Dr. Perla Eleftheriou, UK
Dr. Sara El-Hoss, France

Together, this diverse and accomplished group ensures the program's excellence, covering a spectrum of expertise to advance our understanding and treatment of Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassaemia.

Join the Conversation

Connect with us on social media using #ASCAT2024 and stay updated on conference developments, speaker announcements, and more.

Sponsors and Partners

We extend our gratitude to our sponsors and partners for their invaluable support in making ASCAT CONFERENCE 2024 a reality.

Contact Us

For inquiries and additional information, please contact our dedicated conference team. 


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